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The Mango-Lion : The Mangoes Have fallen

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The Mango-lion tells the story about how one must chase after their dreams to become what they expect or become what they want. It uses storytelling to encourage each of us to conquer our fears in the pursuit of our dreams, understand working in teams and being empathetic, taking help from people that care about you, not from people you think are important and have high status in life, realizing help comes in many forms, and those who are ready to help you might not look that impressive from the outside.

Sometimes we expect so much from leaders who are trying to figure out their own lives, while the person who can help us is yet to be given an award, and we end up blaming leaders instead of taking responsibility ourselves.

Leave your comfort zone, take risks, believe in yourself, help others, focus, and sooner or later, you too will become "a beautiful mango tree". Well! Not literally, but others might enjoy your fruits; your mango juice, the fruit of love and hard work, born from your spirit of doing things differently.

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Weavers Publishing Ltd.
9988360231 / 9789988360238
Paperback / softback
150 pages
140 x 216 mm, 181 grams