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Feynman Lectures on Physics : The Complete Audio Collection

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For more than thirty years, Richard P. Feynmans three-volume Lectures on Physics has been known worldwide as the classic resource for students and professionals alike. Ranging from the most basic principles of Newtonian physics through such formidable theories as Einsteins general relativity, superconductivity, and quantum mechanics, Feynmans lectures stand as a monument of clear exposition and deep insight. Responding to the tremendous clamor for the original audio tapes from which the Lectures on Physics were transcribed, Persues Books is releasing Feynmans original recordings, remastered for modern audio equipment and re-organized for cohesiveness and convenience. Timeless, and collectible, these tapes will serve as a comprehensive library of essential physics by a legend in science.

The first two sets of recordings of Feynmans landmark Lectures on Physics comprise a beginning and an advanced course on quantum mechanics, respectively.

Volume 1 makes up a beginning course in Quantum Mechanics and includes chapters on basic physics, quantum behavior, the relationship between the wave and particle viewpoints, probability amplitudes, and spin one and spin one-half particles.

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