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Methodology of Relational Sociology : Approaches and Analyses

Halas, Elzbieta(Edited by)
Part of the Palgrave Studies in Relational Sociology series
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This is the first book addressing explicitly and specifically the methodological issues of relational sociology, and more broadly of the new relational paradigm in social sciences.

The dynamically developing relational movement in social and cultural sciences is fueled by various classical and contemporary theoretical inspirations.

Relational approaches propose various models of relational analyses, such as field analysis, social space analysis, network analysis, or the critical realist relational heuristic.

The relational turn, which promotes interdisciplinarity in research, simultaneously reflects the drive towards an innovative reconstruction of sociology.

Contemporary relational sociology is at the forefront of the relational movement.

The program of relational sociology is still being shaped, frequently becoming the subject of discussions with different standpoints expressed.

The aim of this book is to reflect on various relational approaches and models of relational analysis.Answers to two basic questions are sought: Are there foundations for a methodological unity of relational sociology, despite the diversity of approaches? And does relational sociology form a new paradigm? To answer these questions, it is necessary to investigate differences between the relational paradigm and the earlier, competing sociological paradigms.

The answers to key questions show what innovations the methodology of relational sociology brings, i.e. what are the methodological consequences of the relational concept of the social fact.

The broadly defined horizon of methodological issues is presented.

The book creates an open space for discussion on various approaches and varieties of relational analysis, as well as the possibility of their methodological synthesis within relational sociology.

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