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THE BRAND NEW FANTASY ROMANCE FROM THE AUTHOR OF TIKTOK SENSATION MAGNOLIA PARKSThere is a boy of legend in the tales passed down in my family.

He glides on the coat-tails of the sun, rides the wind, and freedom runs through his veins.

His heart - so the legend goes - is wild. The boy lived in a faraway land tucked behind a star, where pirates were still true, mermaids didn't hide, and fairies flew through the air like autumn leaves on a windy day.

He took my mother there, just like he took my grandmother, and my great-grandmother. Just as he would come for me. *Swept away from her life in London to a place beyond the stars, Wendy's granddaughter Daphne is torn between the boy of legend - Peter Pan, whose fate is irrevocably intertwined with her family's - and Jem Hook, the pirate who has captured her heart against all her better judgement. Filled with hope and heartbreak, beauty and betrayal, dreams and devastating reality, Never asks: Can we ever be free while we're holding on to the past? And what would happen if - just once - we truly let go?

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