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Graphitic Nanofibers : A Review of Practical and Potential Applications

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The world of nanomaterials is complex; there is dubiety as well as unrealistic optimism about costs, practicality, timing for the availability of, and the true capabilities of products featured in the news.

The progress of the industry is being affected from the incertitude generated by the multitudinous names used, coupled with lack of clarity and standardization in the definitions for carbonaceous nanomaterials, such as graphene, graphene oxide, nanographene, nanographene flakes, nanographite flakes, graphene nanoribbons, single-layer graphene, few-layer graphene, nanographite, nanotubes, nanofibers. In this perspicuous book about the carbonaceous nanomaterial domain, the author concisely covers nomenclature, characteristics, applications, costs, and manufacturing; all with the cardinal goal to offer the reader a reality check by delineating the steps to commercialization.

Along the way, he also examines the cost impact of the touted applications and the boundaries of market adoption.

Through references and personal experience, the author makes a compelling case for the market readiness of a mostly neglected class of nanomaterials known as Graphitic Nanofibers.

Includes varied levels of technical focus and financial analyses to appeal to a range of skills and interests.

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