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Jarman: Volume One - 1976-1986

Collection of films directed by Derek Jarman. 'In the Shadow of the Sun' (1974), Jarman's debut abstract short film, is comprised of a series of Super 8 films and is provided with a soundtrack from music group Throbbing Gristle. 'Sebastiane' (1976), Jarman's debut feature film, is set nearly 17,000 years ago, spoken entirely in Latin and is an account of the Catholic saint, Sebastiane (Leonardo Treviglio).

He is portrayed as a Roman soldier who is sent to the middle of nowhere with his small platoon and is propositioned by his gay commander.

In 'Jubilee' (1978) Queen Elizabeth I (Jenny Runacre) is transported through time from 1578 to 1978, where she sees what has become of her once glorious kingdom.

Law and order have broken down, punks roam the streets and decay and desolation eat away at the basic fabric of society.

The cast includes Adam Ant and Toyah Wilcox. 'The Tempest' (1979), an interpretation of Shakespeare's final play, tells the tale of colonialism, revenge, retribution and reconciliation.

Prospero (Heathcote Williams), the former Duke of Milan, and his daughter Miranda (Wilcox) were abandoned on a remote island by the Duke's evil brother Antonio (Richard Warwick). 12 years later, Prospero has learnt the liberal arts, and engineers a tempest to shipwreck Antonio's ship on the mysterious island.

He plans for Antonio's travelling companion, Ferdinand (David Meyer) the Prince of Naples, to marry his daughter and restore peace between Milan and Naples.

In 'The Angelic Conversation' (1985) a selection of Shakespeare's sonnets are read by Judi Dench over music by Coil and tableaux images of landscapes and people.

Finally, in 'Caravaggio' (1986) the stylised biopic portrays the life of the early Renaissance Italian painter Caravaggio (Nigel Terry), who died in 1610.

Caravaggio uses street thug Ranuccio Thomasoni (Sean Bean) as a model for his erotic paintings of St.

John, and a homosexual attraction between the two men is gradually revealed.

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