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Living Language and Literature (2nd edition)

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'Living Language & Literature 2nd edition' has been devised to meet all the new specifications for AS and A level English Language & Literature.

The popular previous edition has been comprehensively revised to ensure full assessment objectives coverage and fulfilment, and delivery of the new four-unit courses from 2008 onwards. 'Living Language & Literature 2nd edition' provides essential information on both linguistic theory and literary issues to promote the integrated study of language and literature.

Through supported activities and investigations students will explore how and why writers create a particular style or voice in their texts and in doing this they will actively develop their skills in reading, listening and responding to an extensive range of text genres and data.

Building on students' own experience of language and literature, this text offers a wealth of shared, group and individual activities to lift the theory from the page and stimulate critical, creative and analytical work. In preparation for examinations and for coursework, students will learn how to apply their linguistic knowledge of literary, non-literary and multi-modal texts to produce imaginative, re-creative, comparative and analytical writing with related commentaries.

On-line resources which offer exam and coursework exemplars, model answers, interactive activities and extended support for each unit in 'Living Language & Literature 2nd edition' can be found at

Previous edition ISBN: 9780340771754

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Hodder Education
0340939540 / 9780340939543
United Kingdom
viii, 291 pages : illustrations (black and white)
28 cm
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Previous edition: published as by George Keith and John Shuttleworth. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2000.