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Ex-Offender's Job Interview Guide : Turn Your Red Flags into Green Lights

By: Krannich, Caryl, PhD. Krannich, Ron, PhD

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Ex-offenders face numerous barriers to employment, the key to landing a job is how well they handle the critical job interview.

What, for example, should they say when asked "Have you ever been convicted of a felony? " or when employers notice other red flags in their background, such as little work experience, no diploma, history of job hopping, or poor references?

What about this knee-bender opener frequently asked by interviewers - "Tell me about yourself"? Should the ex-offender respond by telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the ugly truth, and then get knocked out of consideration for the job?

Is it okay to parse the truth to get the job offer and then demonstrate they have changed their life once on the job?

Just how much "truth" should they engage in during the job interview? Addressing the many employability issues facing ex-offenders, this book shows how to best respond to reluctant employers who prefer not hiring ex-offenders who may lack good workplace skills and pose risks to follow employees and customers. Focusing on how to identify and respond to red flag behaviors in one's background, individual chapters demonstrate how ex-offenders can turn obvious red flags into green lights by developing excellent communication skills that emphasise the positives.

Examining the whole interview process from beginning to end, 13 hard-hitting chapters address: Job search mistakes ex-offenders make; Telling the truth; 40 key interview mistakes job seekers make; Anticipated interview questions and appropriate responses; Nonverbal interview behaviors; Interview preparation issues; Handling the interview situation; Dealing with red flag questions; Closing and following up the interview; Getting job offers and negotiating salary and benefits. The book also includes a handy list of 101 frequently asked job interview questions as well as salaries for 795 different occupations and a career resource section. Putting the Bars Behind You for Good!;Red Flags in Your Past; Employers' Major Fears; Turn Your Red Flags Into Green Lights; 40 Interview Mistakes Many Job Seekers Make; The Verbal Exchange of Questions and Answers; Nonverbal Behaviors to Win the Job Interview; Get Ready for the Interview; At the Interview: Wow the Interviewer; Handling Red Flag Questions With Savvy Answers; Closing and Following Up the Interview; Deal Effectively With Job Offers and Compensation; Salaries for 795 Occupations; Career Resources.


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