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Current Challenges and Management of Diseases in the Elderly Population

By: Kumar, Abhai(Edited by)

1536173045 / 9781536173048
Published 02/05/2020
United States
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Current Challenges and Management of Disease in the Elderly Population is a comprehensive insight into the diseases and their management in elderly population during ageing.

The book provides information on the development in understanding, diagnosis and management of major diseases through biological and technological interventions.

Non-communicable diseases currently infesting old age population will have a huge epidemiological burden on the health care system in near future.

Middle- and high-income countries warrant sincere efforts to provide information on the current challenges and management of disease in elderly population in health care professionals and social organizations related to the health of society.

The book is a holistic approach by international authors from different fields on major diseases, which are predominantly increasing at an alarming rate in old age population around the globe.

The first chapter provides information on stem cells involved in the regulation of cell homeostasis by process of DNA-based methylation/demethylation and regulating gene expression involved in cell fate to undergo apoptosis.

The second chapter emphasizes the immunological decline in innate and adaptive immunity in ageing cells, which leads to decreased activity of T-cell and T-regulatory cells.

The third, fourth and fifth chapters deal with chronic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes mellitus based neuropathy, different bone diseases in old age and involvement of Vitamin D in women's bone health in elderly population.

The problem of Type 2 Diabetes mellitus based neuropathy is the result of unattended or poor medical interventions, therefore emphasis on this problem and its prevention is dealt with in detail.

Further disease like osteoporosis, Paget disease, and Arthritis, which are very common in old age population and deficiency of Vitamin D, calcium, phosphorous in elderly women after menopause, where estrogen based hormonal deabsorbtion of Vitamin D lead to poor bone health, is detailed from mechanism, diagnosis, current challenges and future perspective of preventions.

Ageing eye problems and associated challenges are incorporated with in depth information on dry eyes and vitreous detachment, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy, which leads to irreversible visual impairment or blindness, the details information on detection, treatment and prevention are discussed in Chapter 6.

The task of detecting specific diseases is paramount for the treatment of neurodegenerative disease.

Chapter 7 & 8 on biomarkers using omics technology and metalobomics provides complete information on the recent development in identification and analysis of metabolites and biomolecules using different technology platforms to detect the disease condition at an early stage.

They also highlight challenges in the field that need to be addressed to overcome the problem of disease diagnosis for timely intervention.

The majority of neurodegenerative disorders influencing the population above the age of 65 is mainly related to neurodegeneration and oxidative stress.

Tthe last two chapters, 9 &10, of this book have tried to provide information related to mechanism of neurodegeneration in various neuronal disorders and the role of various plant flavanoids in prevention of disease onset, the effect on the choice of nutraceuticals and their role in brain heath and prevention from old age neuronal problems.


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