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Opening Doors : How Daring to Ask For Help Changed My Life (And Will Change Yours Too)

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'Whatever ideas, plans and dreams you have, you've got to go for them!

Be your biggest supporter, learn to eradicate the doubts in your mind, embrace the rejections and start opening doors...'Reggie Nelson had a tough childhood growing up on a council estate in east London.

His father suddenly died and his mother had to work multiple jobs just to get by.

But when she had to collect Reggie from a cell where he, at only 12, was being held for troublemaking, he knew he needed to change.

After catching an episode of How'd You Get So Rich?, Reggie was inspired to get any advice he could to help him turn his life around.

So, he got on a train to London's most affluent areas and started knocking on doors.

What he found was more powerful than he thought possible - and changed the course of his life.

Inspiring, moving and empowering, Opening Doors is a story of how the power of guidance, visibility and mentoring can give anyone the platform to learn and succeed. Because when one door closes, another door will always open...

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Blink Publishing
1788704746 / 9781788704748
Paperback / softback
United Kingdom
304 pages
20 cm