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Million Dollar Books : Why Every Entrepreneur Should Add a Book Publishing Company to Their Business Portfolio

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For seasoned entrepreneurs, coaches and business owners, adding a publishing company to their portfolio is an undeniable strategic move.

Not only can it unlock the potential for generating multiple seven figures from their existing client base, but it can also help them to expand their sphere of impact, craft a lasting legacy through the power of books, and diversify their revenue streams. In 2013, armed with seven years industry experience, Hayley Paige embarked on a journey to manifest her childhood aspiration of establishing a publishing house.

By 2019, a mere six years later, she had positioned Onyx Publishing as an award-winning, globally operating boutique publishing company, providing clients with bespoke solutions and generating six-figure months. After a decade running her publishing house, Hayley decided to pursue her next level of impact: helping other high-achieving entrepreneurs to launch and scale their own book publishing company.

Million Dollar Books: Why Every Entrepreneur Should Add a Book Publishing Company to Their Business Portfolio delves into the multitude of benefits offered by this endeavour, and showcases how a seven-figure business can be launched and cultivated with remarkable ease, offering insight into essential tools, programs, solutions, requisite team dynamics, and necessary bandwidth.

With precision and passion, Million Dollar Books extends an invitation to readers, enticing them to venture into the captivating realm of publishing, where entrepreneurship meets books and creates a boundless tapestry of opportunity.

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Onyx Publishing
1913206831 / 9781913206833
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United Kingdom
222 pages
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