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0190863765 / 9780190863760
Published 15/05/2020
24 cm 224 pages : illustrations
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In recent decades, cognitive neuroscience research has increased our understanding of how the brain learns, retains, and recalls information.

At the same time, social psychologists have developed insights into group dynamics, exploring what motivates individuals in a group to give their full effort, or conversely, what might instead inspire them to become free loaders.

Art and Science in the Choral Rehearsal explores the idea that choral conductors whobetter understand how the brain learns, and how individuals within groups function, can lead more efficient, productive, and enjoyable rehearsals.

Armed with this knowledge, conductors can create rehearsal techniques which take advantage of certain fundamental brain and social psychology principles.

Through suchapproaches, singers will become increasingly engaged physically and mentally in the rehearsal process.

Art and Science in the Choral Rehearsal draws from a range of scientific studies to suggest and encourage effective, evidence-based techniques, and can help serve to reset and inspire new approaches toward teaching.

Each chapter outlines exercises and creative ideas for conductors and music teachers, including the importance of embedding problem solving into rehearsal, the use of multiple entry points for newly acquired information, techniques to encourage an emotional connection tothe music, and ways to incorporate writing exercises into rehearsal.

Additional topics include brain-compatible teaching strategies to complement thorough score study, the science behind motivation, the role imagination plays in teaching, the psychology of rehearsal, and conducting tips and advice.

All of thesebrain-friendly strategies serve to encourage singers' active participation in rehearsals, with the goal of motivating beautiful, inspired, and memorable performances.


AVGC8 Choral music, JN Education, PSAN Neurosciences

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