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Image for The Beauty of Fractals : Images of Complex Dynamical Systems

The Beauty of Fractals : Images of Complex Dynamical Systems (1986 ed.)

By: Peitgen, Heinz-Otto Richter, Peter H.

3540158510 / 9783540158516
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210 x 277 mm, 1100 grams 202 pages, XII, 202 p.
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Now approaching its tenth year, this hugely successful book presents an unusual attempt to publicise the field of Complex Dynamics.

The text was originally conceived as a supplemented catalogue to the exhibition "Frontiers of Chaos", seen in Europe and the United States, and describes the context and meaning of these fascinating images.

A total of 184 illustrations - including 88 full-colour pictures of Julia sets - are suggestive of a coffee-table book. However, the invited contributions which round off the book lend the text the required formality.

Benoit Mandelbrot gives a very personal account, in his idiosyncratic self-centred style, of his discovery of the fractals named after him and Adrien Douady explains the solved and unsolved problems relating to this amusingly complex set.


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