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Verbal reasoning assessment papers 9-10

By: Primrose, Alison

Part of the Assessment Papers series
1843728702 / 9781843728702
Out of print
United Kingdom
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Published in Scotland.

This book comprises 25 assessment papers, each with 30 questions.

Each paper contains a range of question types including sequences, codes, analogies, grids and similarities.

Within each group, questions can be phrased in different ways, and these tests introduce your child to many of the more frequently used styles. The simple layout is similar to that used in many exam papers, so the papers will help children to become familiar with the question types and to feel more confident tackling them in a test situation. Verbal reasoning assesses a child's ability to see patterns and relationships at sentence, word and letter level.

The questions test comprehension, vocabulary and spelling, as well as the ability to identify patterns and apply logic to solve simple problems.

There is a strong correlation between language and literacy skills, and verbal reasoning, so reading, word games and spelling skills all contribute to success in verbal reasoning. The papers can be used as timed assessment tests or worked through a little at a time for regular verbal reasoning practice.

Initially, it is better to focus on accuracy, then, as your child gains confidence, working at speed can be developed.

If you wish to set whole tests, allow 15 minutes for each paper.

If your child completes the test in less time they should be encouraged to check their answers carefully. Use the pull-out answer booklet to mark completed papers.

Children can use the score boxes in the margin to make a note of their marks for each section.

They then record their overall scores on the progress grid at the back of the book.

It is a good idea to work through completed papers with your child, then you can identify any areas of weakness or confusion and discuss those questions together.


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