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Emotionally Immature Parents

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Do you want to learn how to stop satisfying your emotionally immature parents and realize that you can handle only your conduct and not theirs?

Children of emotionally immature parents often suffer from emotional loneliness as their parents fail to notice and provide a proper response to their emotions since childhood.

If you want to know how you can overcome this common challenge, then please read this book to the end.

Some of you might think that adoring and taking care of yourself and trying to be your personal favorite is a selfish act. Genuinely speaking, such thoughts are completely wrong. Until and unless you do not realize your worth, you will not receive the same from others. Besides caring for your parents, you must also care for yourself, especially your emotional needs.

How will this book help you?

This book deals with facts like how parents' emotional immaturity affects their offspring.

Here is a concise summarized version incorporating all the vital points that are discussed in this specific book:

*        Differentiation between emotionally immature and narcissistic parents

*        A better understanding of the emotionally immature relationship system

*        Ways of giving value to your own emotions to eliminate your emotional loneliness

*        Understanding facts that you are not responsible for managing your parent's mood

*        Tips to step out from playing the role of a rescuer every now and then

*        Learning the various skills that will enable you to manage your emotionally immature parents

*        Tips for setting yourself free from emotionally underdeveloped parents

*        Tips for practicing healthy disconnection with your EI parents and self-compassion



It would be best to stop feeling guilty for prioritizing your desire and your contentment. Read this book and get the much needed emotional freedom. Please enjoy reading! Take care of yourself!

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