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Kalymnos Island Travel Guide Greece : The History and Information Tourism

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Kalymnos Island Travel Guide Greece. The History and Information Tourism. Kalymnos is famous throughout the world for its sea sponges whose fishermen, to survive on this huge rock, still risk life on the seabed.

Island of Kalymnos has many interesting aspects, but it has always been little considered and set aside due to its proximity to the largest and most popular island of Kos.

In this way it failed to enhance and promote all its beauties; but once discovered, they make it an extremely fascinating destination.

You will fall in love and come back again and again among its people, among its beautiful beaches and sea and unique landscapes.

It is an island with a profoundly Greek soul that can be perceived and enjoyed in the kitchen, traditions, architecture or even simply in the daily life of the inhabitants.

Characterized by a wild nature, by mountains that sink into the blue of the sea, caves, hidden bays, very characteristic villages and a pristine sea.

Located west of the Bodrum peninsula, between Kos and Leros, Kalymnos is the third largest island in the Dodecanese population and the fourth largest one.

Also called Calino (in Italian) and Kilimni (in Turkish), the islands of Pserimos and Telendos are also part of its municipality.

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