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Balancing Change and Tradition in Global Education Reform (Second Edition.)

Bonnet, Gerard(Contributions by)Canning, Mary(Contributions by)Cheng, Kai-ming(Contributions by)Chew, Phyllis Ghim-Lian(Contributions by)Crooks, Terry J.(Contributions by)Crouch, Luis(Contributions by)Eyal, Ori(Contributions by)Forsberg, Eva(Contributions by)Ghosh, Ratna(Contributions by)Gustafsson, Martin(Contributions by)Horsky, Batia P.(Contributions by)Inbar, Dan(Contributions by)Kehm, Barbara M.(Contributions by)Kerr, Stephen T.(Contributions by)Luke, Allan(Contributions by)Lundgren, Ulf P.(Contributions by)McMeekin, Robert W.(Contributions by)Nir, Adam(Contributions by)Schrag, Peter(Contributions by)Simsek, Hasan(Contributions by)Watanabe, Ryo(Contributions by)Wolf, Alison(Contributions by)Yildirim, Ali(Contributions by)Rotberg, Iris C.(Edited by)
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In Balancing Change and Tradition in Global Education Reform, Rotberg brings together examples of current education reforms in sixteen countries, written by 'insiders'.

This book goes beyond myths and stereotypes and describes the difficult trade-offs countries make as they attempt to implement reforms in the context of societal and global change.

In some countries, reforms are a response to major political or economic shifts; in others, they are motivated by large upsurges in immigration and increased student diversity.

Irrespective of the reasons for education reform, all countries face decisions about resource allocation, equality of educational opportunity across diverse populations, access to higher education, student testing and tracking, teacher accountability, school choice, and innovation.

The essays in this volume reveal: _

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