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Sustainability for 3D Printing

Prakash, Chander(Edited by)Ramakrishna, Seeram(Edited by)Sandhu, Kamalpreet(Edited by)Singh, Sunpreet(Edited by)Subburaj, Karupppasamy(Edited by)
Part of the Springer Tracts in Additive Manufacturing series
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With advancement in modern technology human life span in 21st century has significantly improved as compared to past centuries.

Indeed, the manufacturing and household wastes have also boosted in the same era, presenting a hazardous condition to the various living beings.

However, through smart methodologies, it can be possible to recycle/reuse of the different types of wastes as a feedstock convenient for specialized manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing.

This means that through proper facilities the waste can be used as the raw material for the printing technologies with characteristic at par with the virgin feedstock.

Furthermore, producing the feedstock using waste materials will help to reduce the cost of the processing material, productivity and eco-friendliness of this manufacturing technology.

This book will cover a boarder aspect of such efforts wherein various applications and state of art solutions will be discussed in a comprehensive way.

This book will be much interest for academics, research and entrepreneur who are working in the field materials science, 3D printing, and manufacturing because of its coverage of state of art solution in the field of commercial, industrial and healthcare products.

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