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Smart VR/AR/MR Systems for Professionals

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Smart VR/AR/MR Systems for Professionals is a comprehensive guide that explores the ground-breaking applications of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) in various industries.

This book aims to equip practicing professionals with the knowledge and insights they need to harness the full potential of these immersive technologies in their respective fields. Through this book, the authors aim to explore the experimental breakthroughs and cutting-edge methodologies that have emerged in the realm of VR/AR/MR.

The book delves deeper into the profound impact these technologies have had on the design process, computer-aided design, healthcare product development, manufacturing, human-robot collaboration, medical imaging, rehabilitation, and even phobia therapy. In each chapter of this book, we delve into specific topics, uncovering the principles, methodologies, and best practices that professionals can adopt.

Examples of these topics range from empowering design processes with virtual reality to revolutionizing computer-aided design, and from exploring AR/VR/MR technologies in healthcare to transforming manufacturing with digital twins and metrology in VR. The book aims to provide practitioners with valuable insights, real-world examples, and practical guidance to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of VR/AR/MR systems.

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