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Antiviral aromatherapy : essential oils for health & wellbeing

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Maggie Tisserand - international author of aromatherapy health books - has written and published Antiviral Aromatherapy, an easy to understand self-help book for this time of viral pandemic.

Full of practical advice and information, the contents are split into four distinct parts: anecdotal stories of viral illness being successfully treated with essential oils; ways to treat the symptoms of long Covid; the importance of the immune system and why it needs to be understood; international university research with essential oils and common viruses, proving which essential oils are antiviral - followed by computational analysis of potential future use of antiviral essential oils to help combat the coronavirus.

Also included is an overview of the successful Nurses Stress Project set up by Maggie many years ago that could easily be replicated in the 21st century. And finally, the research into viral membrane disruption.

All scientific papers are fully cited. Maggie's book has something for everyone - from the newcomer to essential oils and aromatherapy to the fully qualified therapist or doctor.

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