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Engineering Science : For Foundation Degree and Higher National (Second edition)

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Focusing primarily on core topics in mechanical and electrical science, students enrolled on a wide range of higher education engineering courses at undergraduate level will find Engineering Science, second edition, an invaluable aid to their learning. With updated and expanded content, this new edition covers sections on the mechanics of materials, dynamics, thermodynamics, electrostatics and electromagnetic principles, and a.c./d.c. circuit theory. Entirely new sections are devoted to the study of gyroscopes and the effect of applied torques on their behaviour, and the use of Laplace transformation as a tool for modelling complex networks of inductance, capacitance and resistance.

In addition, a new overview of the decibel (dB) introduces a handy technique for expressing logarithmic ratios. Knowledge-check and review questions, along with activities, are included throughout the book, and the necessary background mathematics is integrated alongside the appropriate areas of engineering.

The result is a clear and easily accessible textbook that encourages independent study and covers the essential scientific principles that students will meet at this level. The book is supported with a companion website for students and lecturers at, and it includes:• Solutions to the Test Your Knowledge and Review Questions in the book• Further guidance on Essential Mathematics with introductions to vectors, vector operations, the calculus and differential equations, etc. • An extra chapter on steam properties, cycles and plant• Downloadable SCILAB scripts that help simplify some of the advanced mathematical content• Selected illustrations from the book

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