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Religious Ethics Study Pack

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1910252506 / 9781910252505
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This bundle covers everything you need to know for A Level Religious Ethics, regardless of exam board.

For the first time, all these books are available in a single bundle at a reduced price.

Over 1000 pages delivered as ten distinct volumes with a modular, bite-sized approach to learning and revision. Each Study Guide covers a key Ethics topic. They evaluate and analyse the main arguments in a format designed to help you absorb and engage with the most important points.

When writing essays or studying for exams up to university level, make this your starting point for understanding Business & Environmental Ethics, Conscience, Free Will & Determinism, Kant & Natural Law, Life & Death, Meta-ethics, Sexual Ethics, Utilitarianism & Situation Ethics, War & Peace and Virtue Ethics.

Revise key terms, test yourself with self-assessment questions and follow links from the book straight to our online community to extend your learning. Business & Environmental Ethics (ISBN 9781909618268) RRP GBP14.99 Anthropocentric vs.

Holistic Theories Intrinsic vs. Instrumental Goodness Population Growth Moral Status of Future Generations Aldo Leopold's Land Ethic Gaia Theory as Eco-holism Paul Taylor's Biocentrism Five Ethical Theories and Environmental Ethics Business Ethics Four Ethical Models of Business Behaviour Conscience (ISBN 9781909618282) RRP GBP14.99 Conscience in Classical and Biblical Thought Medieval Views of Conscience Butler and Newman on Conscience J S Mill on Conscience Psychoanalytic & Psychological Views of Conscience Existential Views of Conscience Free Will & Determinism (ISBN 9781909618305) RRP GBP14.99 Hard Determinism Libertarianism Compatibilism Theological Determinism The Three Issues Revisited Kant & Natural Law (ISBN 9781909618022) RRP GBP14.99 Kantian Ethics - The Kantian Worldview Inspirations for Kant The Noumenal Realm of Ideas The Good Will and the Categorical Imperative The Categorical Imperative Applying Kant Deontological Non-Absolutism: W.D.

Ross Natural Law The Nature of Aquinas' Teleology Reason Ultimate Purpose Developing Natural Law Life & Death (ISBN 9781909618343) RRP GBP14.99 Human Life Doctor's Dilemmas Abortion IVF and Fertility Treatment Embryo Research Genetic Engineering Euthanasia Meta-ethics (ISBN 9781909618220) RRP GBP14.99 Emotivism Prescriptivism Intuitionism Cognitivist naturalism Science and morality Sexual Ethics (ISBN 9781910038703) RRP GBP14.99 Evaluating sexual ethics Sexually consent Sex outside marriage Homosexuality Marriage and divorce Pornography & prostitution Utilitarianism & Situation Ethics (ISBN 9781909618169) RRP GBP14.99 How Teleology Works Bentham's Hedonistic Act Utilitarianism Mill's Weak Rule Utilitarianism Situation Ethics Conclusions War & Peace (ISBN 9781909618329) RRP GBP14.99 War Militarism Pacifism Just War Theory Virtue Ethics (ISBN 9781909618244) RRP GBP14.99 Aristotelian Virtue Ethics MacIntyre's Virtue Ethics Philippa Foot's Virtue Ethics Christian Virtue Ethics Applied Virtue Ethics Evaluating Virtue Ethics These books are a must-read for anyone seeking to improve their study and essay-writing skills.


4KLR A/AS Level study & revision guides, HRAM1 Religious ethics

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