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Caught Dead

Part of the Bite Risk series
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In this thrilling sequel to the middle grade adventure Bite Risk, Sel and his friends face something even bigger, stronger, and deadlier than Rippers when a new foe rises with the moon on Howl Night.

When you've already helped cause the end of the world, what's left to be afraid of? Plenty.

After Sel Archer and his friends uncovered a conspiracy that turned the whole world upside down, people are struggling to live with the fact that almost all its adult population turn into Rippers once a month, and Sel is struggling with his newfound celebrity and the fact that Elena and Pedro have moved away from Tremorglade.

But bigger problems soon arise when Rippers start getting attacked on Howl Nights, turning up the following day, human but badly injured, with no idea how they were hurt. Rumors of a foul, unkillable beast begin to stirsomeone or something is plotting to control the Rippers once and for all.

Can they stop what's happening before all of Tremorglade is under the power of something unrelenting, unstoppable, and possiblyundead?

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Published 27/08/2024
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166593803X / 9781665938037
320 pages
140 x 210 mm