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One Health: The Theory and Practice of Integrated Health Approaches (2nd edition)

By: Adisasmito, Wiku(Contributions by) Aenishaenslin, Cecile(Contributions by) Ali, Seid Mohamed(Contributions by) Allen, Ian(Contributions by) Alonso, Silvia(Contributions by) Amir, Vilda(Contributions by) Aragrande, Maurizio(Contributions by) Baljinnyam, Zolzaya(Contributions by) Bazeyo, William(Contributions by) Bechir, Mahamat(Contributions by) Beetz, Andrea(Contributions by) Bender, Jeffrey(Contributions by) Berger-Gonzalez, Monica(Contributions by) Blair, Benjamin(Contributions by) Blakley, Barry(Contributions by) Bresalier, Michael(Contributions by) Bunch, Martin(Contributions by) Canali, Massimo(Contributions by) Cassidy, Angela(Contributions by) Chitnis, Nakul(Contributions by) Cisse, Gueladio(Contributions by) Clarke, Michael(Contributions by) Coleman, Paul(Contributions by) Conlon, Kathryn C.(Contributions by) Cork, Susan(Contributions by) Crump, Lisa(Contributions by) Cuevas, Soledad(Contributions by) Danielsen, Solveig(Contributions by) Dean, Anna(Contributions by) Dominguez-Salas, Paula(Contributions by) Duncan, Colleen(Contributions by) Errecaborde, Kaylee(Contributions by) Farnese, Patricia(Contributions by) Fries, Thomas(Contributions by) Fuhrimann, Samuel(Contributions by) Gallagher, Christa A.(Contributions by) Garine-Wichatitsky, Michel de(Contributions by) Gordon, Iain J.(Contributions by) Gurung, Ratna B.(Contributions by) Hafner, Felix(Contributions by) Hasler, Barbara(Contributions by) Hattendorf, Jan(Contributions by) Hediger, Karin(Contributions by) Jones, Barbara(Contributions by) Kasymbekov, Joldoshbek(Contributions by) Lankton, Julia S.(Contributions by) Lerner, Henrik(Contributions by) Mahero, Michael(Contributions by) Martins, Sara Babo(Contributions by) Mauti, Stephanie(Contributions by) Mbilo, Celine(Contributions by) Meier, Helene(Contributions by) Minh, Hoang Van(Contributions by) Miranda, Mary Elizabeth(Contributions by) Nguyen-Viet, Hung(Contributions by) Nguyen-Viet, Vi(Contributions by) Obrist, Brigit(Contributions by) Odermatt, Peter(Contributions by) Okello, Anna(Contributions by) Oura, Christopher A.L.(Contributions by) Pelican, Katharine(Contributions by) Pelikan, Kristina(Contributions by) Pham-Duc, Phuc(Contributions by) Pollock, Sue(Contributions by) Rinchen, Sangay(Contributions by) Rinzin, Karma(Contributions by) Roth, Felix(Contributions by) Saint-Charles, Johanne(Contributions by) Schelling, Esther(Contributions by) Shaw, Alexandra(Contributions by) Sleeman, Jonathan M.(Contributions by) Smith, Woutrina(Contributions by) Spinner, Keira(Contributions by) Stark, Katharina D. C.(Contributions by) Stephen, Craig(Contributions by) Szelecsenyi, Arlette C.(Contributions by) Tanner, Marcel(Contributions by) Tenzin, Tenzin(Contributions by) Thi, Huong Le(Contributions by) Tickel, Jimmy(Contributions by) Tschanz-Cooke, Karin(Contributions by) Tschopp, Rea(Contributions by) Turner, Dennis C(Contributions by) Vandermissen, Alain(Contributions by) Vu-Van, Tu(Contributions by) Walsh, Daniel P.(Contributions by) Waltner-Toews, David(Contributions by) Wanzala, Sylvia(Contributions by) Welburn, Susan C(Contributions by) Wettlaufer, Lenke(Contributions by) White, C. LeAnn(Contributions by) Whittaker, Maxine(Contributions by) Widmer, Andreas F.(Contributions by) Woods, Abigail(Contributions by) Yahyaoui, Hind(Contributions by) Zurbrugg, Christian(Contributions by) Crump, Lisa(Edited by) Schelling, Esther(Edited by) Stephen, Craig(Edited by) Tanner, Marcel(Edited by) Whittaker, Maxine(Edited by) Zinsstag, Jakob(Edited by)

1789242584 / 9781789242584
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472 pages
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One Health, the concept of combined veterinary and human health, has now expanded beyond emerging infectious diseases and zoonoses to incorporate a wider suite of health issues. Retaining its interdisciplinary focus which combines theory with practice, this new edition illustrates the contribution of One Health collaborations to real-world issues such as sanitation, economics, food security and vaccination programmes.

It includes more non-infectious disease issues and climate change discussion alongside revised case studies and expanded methodology chapters to draw out implications for practice.

Promoting an action-based, solutions-oriented approach, One Health: The Theory and Practice of Integrated Health Approaches highlights the lessons learned for both human and animal health professionals and students.


MBN Public health & preventive medicine, MZ Veterinary medicine

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