TreeTops provides the biggest range of quality books for juniors, all expertly levelled to help children progress from Oxford Reading Level 8 (Y3/P4) to Oxford Reading Level 20 (advanced Y6/P7 readers). Ultimately these titles encourage children to read for pleasure and develop their own reading tastes with an incredible range of fiction and non-fiction titles.

As seen below TreeTops are levelled into Books Bands and also by series including Chucklers, Classics, Myths and Legends, Fiction, Greatest Stories, inFact and Reflect. All of which are created by best-selling authors and artists, full of age-appropriate content and are approved by educational experts. 

Extended Book Bands

TreeTops Series

Browse our extensive Reading Schemes resource, where you will find constantly updated lists for the most popular schemes from all key educational publishers. If you’re looking across schemes for a particular levels our Book Band resource will be invaluable, and our website has a host of other resources for you to explore, like Wordless Picture Books, Picture Books for KS2 and Favourite Classroom Reads.