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With access to VLeBooks on anything with a web browser, you'll never be without the wide range of titles we carry. Whether you're on the go, in class or doing last minute revision, VLeBooks is ready.

Advanced Auto Purchasing

Allows the purchasing ebooks and enables libraries to offer a wide range of content to Students while only purchasing items as and when they are used or needed.

Industry Leading Accessibility

VLeBooks complies with the WCAG 2.1 Level AA. Ongoing developments and new features are designed with the latest guidelines in mind and are tested using recommended software for compliance.

Extensive Book Catalogue

With over 2 million unique titles to choose from we've got exactly what you need. Ranging from Fiction to Physics, with something available to suit everyone at any level.

Integrated Book Ordering

Browns Books support many ways of ordering as well as via our website. We can integrate with Library & Financial Management Systems using EDI/API, Marc Response Ordering and Punch-out.

User Management

A multitude of User Management and Maintenance tools and features to allow you to have complete control over your users and information.

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Endless Content

Over 2 Million eBooks to Choose From

Tailored Content For Your Needs

VLeBooks boasts an extensive book catalogue with over 2 million books to choose from, including Fiction and Non-Fiction, Textbooks and Revision Guides, we also have a wide range of Academic Titles, Picture Books, Biographies and Classic Set Texts, we really do have something for everyone.

Whether you’re currently in the middle of your SATS, A-Levels, an NVQ or even a degree, VLeBooks can provide the material you need. If configured, VLeBooks can show the content provided by your institution or the latest and greatest from the world of eBooks. You can also search for an eBook via ISBN, Title, Author or Genre.

Empower your students by giving them quick and easy access to the texts they need and love via this unique website.


Suitably Spectacular

Accessible For Everyone

Industry Leading Accessibility

VLeBooks is committed to providing the best and most accessible experience for each and every user. We are dedicated to proactively reviewing and developing the functionality and accessibility of the service and will enhance the platform to maintain this standard.

There are a range of accessibility options available to users which make searching and navigating the platform easier, to access these options, select Edit Accessibility Settings on the left side of the screen. This feature enables users to set their own preferences for the platform, options include: Large Font, High Contrast, Highlight links in yellow, Underline Links, Greyscale Colour mode, Dyslexic friendly font, Prevent pop-up auto close

When reading via the platform, users can change the background colour to suit their requirements, our reader also has inbuilt text-to-speech, available through ‘Read Online’ which can be used from both desktop and mobile views. The Read Aloud feature enables the user more freedom to roam desktops or browsing devices where traditional assistive software would have been required. Read aloud is a core feature built into the online platform allowing for wider audience access to audible facilities where assistive software may not have been possible or practical.

100% Aspire Gold

Dyslexia Friendly

High Contrast

Read Aloud

Large Font

Multiple Background Colours

Integrate With Ease

Smooth Integration, Maximum Efficiency

LMS Integration

Setting up of EDI and API integration with Browns requires minimal effort. Once the relevant LMS information is sent to our Customer Care team, including details of your fund codes or API key, we will take care of the rest and provide you with regular updates on the progress of your set up.

We work with all LMS providers and offer a range of functionality from EOD (embedded order data) ordering all the way through to fulfilment messages. Our EDI capabilities include the following: EOD, Ordering, Marc responses, Invoices, Fulfilment records, Reporting

The Browns Books website is tailored to your requirements and for EOD, the ordering process is populated with your purchase order codes such as fund, location and stock category. Marc responses can also be supplied directly from our website. Please contact your Regional Account Manager or the Customer Care team for further information about integration with your Library Management System.

Financial Management Integration

Browns Books pro-actively work with current customers to identify their Finance Management / eProcurement systems and progress integration to suit the customer. We have all the necessary IT capabilities and support to integrate with further procurement systems requested by customers in a timely manner with full testing and absorbing any associated costs to fulfil.

We have a wealth of experience providing a punch out catalogue to a number of authorities, which covers an extensive number of establishments. We work with Parabalis, PECOS, Civica, Compleat, Integra and Oracle iProcurement.

We can provide access to our online catalogue via punch out and also accept resulting purchase orders in cXML format, email or hard copy if required. Please contact our Customer Care Team for more information or to get set up.

Comprehensive Yet Simple

Automatic Purchasing Options to Suit You

Advanced Auto Purchasing/Demand Driven Acquisition

Access to DDA is available to authorised users via the VLeBooks Administration area. Customers are able to set up multiple profiles should they wish, and profiles can be created by adding lists, creating subject profiles or title by titles.  Within the DDA area there are menus to create and manage budgets, include/exclude content and profile rules. In addition to a comprehensive reporting area and menus to manage user messages and access request prompts, if required, to gather additional data on user activity.

Customers have the option to make a deposit for a DDA profile or to pay on purchase. DDA invoices are provided separately from routine eBook purchases.

Further information on this service can be found in our DDA user guide, or you can contact our Customer Care department to arrange a demonstration.

Quick and Easy Access

Take Your Learning Everywhere You Go

Do eBooks expire?

This will depend on the license type you select when you purchase the books. Most publishers offer eBooks that are available in perpetuity – however eBooks from a select few will expire after a specified number of issues or days. This will be detailed in the license selection before you make a purchase.

Will I lose the eBook if a publisher withdraws a title?

No, purchased titles will remain available to you.

What software do I need to read eBooks?

VLeBooks requires only that you use a web browser and requires no additional software or plugins. Applications are available for Android and iOS Devices but they are only necessary if you wish to download books. Most users prefer to read online as it offers a richer experience without the need for additional software.

Can I read online using a mobile device?

Yes, the VLeBooks plaform is fully compatible with mobile devices providing iOS devices are on version 5.0 or above and Android devices on 4.0 or above. Apps are available to download books for offline reading and catalogues can be browsed and online reading can take place using the devices browser.

How much can a student print and copy?

Normally each student can print and copy 10% of the content, but a few publishers impose different limits. VLeBooks allows all students and teachers to copy and print directly from the eBook Reader itself and automatically manages limits to ensure there is no accidently infringement.