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Teach Primary KS2 Book Award

There are many prizes that recognise brilliant writing for young people - but the Teach Primary Book Awards, hosted in association with the literacy resources website Plazoom, is unique in highlighting titles that not only will children love to read, but that will also support learning - for example, by opening up opportunities for deeper discussion and encouraging language play. Selected by a panel of judges including well loved authors and literacy experts, these are books that teachers can confidently suggest to parents and share with pupils; perfect for exploring in the classroom as well as enjoying at home.


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Balen, Katya ISBN: 9781526601971

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"A powerful story of love, terrible loss, understanding and recovery."

Ten-year-old Frank loves code and numbers; they’re a way to make sense of the world, as well as providing secret languages to share with his friends and his mum. Frank’s five-year-old brother Max is autistic and for him the world is often a scary place, when anything unexpected, too loud or too bright can cause him to have a meltdown. The story is narrated by Frank and every reader will understand his frustration at the unfairness of life. We know that he loves Max, but we know too how hard Max makes life for all the family. Frank is then faced with something even more terrible when tragedy strikes. With the help of those around him we watch Frank find a way to make sense of what has happened and the bravery to cope with the different world. Katya Balen has worked with neuro-divergent children and there’s a powerful sense of truth and understanding in her beautifully told story.

- Andrea Reece (LoveReading4Schools Reviewer)

Each title has been chosen, not only for its outstanding aesthetic appeal and sheer enjoyability, but also because of its potential to support learning both inside the classroom and beyond. These are books that teachers will be able to recommend confidently to children and their parents, as well as use for inspirational classroom activities.