Project X Alien Adventures Collection - 25 Books

Project X Alien Adventures Collection - 25 Books

By Various Authors

ISBN: 9780198377900
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
Size: Varies
No of Pages: Varies
Age: 7+

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Make reading an unforgettable adventure!

Micro-friends Max, Cat, Ant and Tiger and their new alien friend, Nok, set off on a daring mission to try and find the king and queen of Exis before the space villain Badlaw can get his evil claws on them. Will they succeed?

The Project X Alien Adventures series is used in primary schools to encourage children to read independently and for pleasure and is finely levelled, allowing your child to progress gradually and build their confidence. The series is based around a truly gripping space adventure, guaranteed to make your child want to read on, and the fantastic 3D digital artwork adds another level of enjoyment.

This pack contains 24 books for children aged 7 to 9 years (Oxford Levels 9-14 / Book bands Brown and Grey), plus an exciting Alien Adventures Companion with extra information on characters, gadgets and spaceships.

Titles in this pack:

  • The Destroyer
  • Space Rat Rescue
  • Crunch Time!
  • The Moon Winder
  • Space Vultures!
  • The Planet Of Bones
  • Starmite Swarm
  • The Giants Of Ariddas
  • The Craggrox Awake
  • Attack of the Blobs
  • The Image Maker
  • Battle with Badlaw
  • Badlaw's Revenge
  • The Rats of Rolia
  • Trapped In Time
  • Double Cross
  • The Rust Monster
  • Pit-Stop Peril
  • The Red Cutlass
  • Cyberbee Break Out
  • The Waythroo Wormhole
  • Project X Alien Adventures Companion 3 (Yr 3/4)
  • Opera Holotan
  • Fury of Vogoss
  • An Ancient Enemy