Servicing Options


1. Paperback Jackets and Hardback Dust Jackets

These drastically extend the shelf life of books; we use high quality products and professionally fit the jackets to the titles. Generally its said Paperback book is supposed to have a shelf life of 6months, adding a jacket can extend that shelf life up to 2 years.


2. Hard Laminate and Soft Laminate

Hard Laminates are 300micro grams and Soft Laminate is 190microgramsl. Professionally fitted and sized to the books.


3. Barcodes

Barcodes are professionally fitted to the customer’s specification and can now if requested, barcode data can be added to the Marc Record Response File.


4. Fiction Spine Labels

Bring order to any library by adding Spine Labels to your books. Perfect for neatly organising your fiction titles.


5. Non Fiction Dewey

The most widely used tool for organising books, the Dewey Decimal System is used for organising your library. Other suppliers can only supply a few decimal places we can supply up to 6 decimal places.


6. Security Trigger

Fitted to all books, work alongside your EAS AM antenna’s (security gates) to protect books from ever going missing again.


7. RFID Tags

Allows items to move out of the library faster. These allow multiple items to be checked out at once allowing for less time spent at the self-service checkout. These tags can also speed up the process of putting books back on the shelves.


8. Date Label Plain or Date Label printed

Choose plain or personalised. Personalised date labels, will be printed and inserted each time an order is placed.


9. Ownership Stamp

Provided by the customer and applied to your specification to show ownership of your books.


10. Grid Stamps

Grid stamps are applied to your specification and produce a grid in the book.