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UKLA Book Awards 2017 Longlists - 12- 16+ Years

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Valentine, Jenny

9780007512362Add to Basket

Sepetys, Ruta

9780141347400Add to Basket

Reeve, Philip

9780192742766Add to Basket

Hitchcock, Bonnie-Sue

9780571314959Add to Basket

Singer, Nicky

9780992938963Add to Basket

Ness, Patrick

9781406365566Add to Basket

Landman, Tanya

9781406366914Add to Basket

Selznick, Brian

9781407159454Add to Basket

Crossan, Sarah

9781408827215Add to Basket

Sutcliffe, William

9781408866245Add to Basket

Shackleton, Kath

9781445150444Add to Basket

Furniss, Clare

9781471120312Add to Basket

Turtschaninoff, Maria

9781782690917Add to Basket

Nielsen, Susin

9781783443666Add to Basket

Alexander, Kwame

9781783443673Add to Basket

Schmidt, Gary D.

9781783443949Add to Basket

Inglis, Lucy

9781910002353Add to Basket

Christie, Sally

9781910200483Add to Basket

Oppel, Kenneth

9781910200865Add to Basket

Millard, Glenda

9781910646151Add to Basket

Walter, Jon

9781910989180Add to Basket