Early Readers and Series for Key Stage 1

Early Readers or Beginner Readers are stepping stones that help children transition from picture books to reading ‘grown up’ books. These readers have a consistent language level and structure, and if these books are in a series they provide a familiar setting which new readers will find comforting. Books in a series also allows children to finish one book and start another which can be very motivating.

We have highlighted some key Early Reader series with short, manageable stories, as well as listing our 100 favourite Early Readers – all chosen to help build reading stamina and vocabulary.

In addition, you’ll also find a listing of brilliant series for Key Stage 1 readers to explore. Most of these series have wonderful colour illustrations to bridge the gap from picture books, as well as more complex and satisfying stories.

Key Series for Beginner Readers

Hachette Early Readers Maverick Early Readers Reading Champion Bloomsbury Young Readers

Series for Key Stage 1