Dual-Language and Foreign Language Books – Secondary

Browns offers an extensive range of books for language learners, and we’ve split our resource for Secondary pupils into Foreign Language titles and Dual-Language titles.

Our Foreign Language titles feature both novels in their original language, as well as translated versions of well-known novels, latest and bestselling titles and stories that give insight about the relevant country and language.

In Dual-Language titles the complete text is written in two languages throughout, one is English and on the same page it also features the translation, helping pupils to see the languages side by side. Dual-language books are a powerful way to help aid language development.

Many of the selected titles are not necessarily held in stock for immediate delivery, but our Customer Care team can help you source what you need – do contact us with your requirements.

Looking for Primary Dual- and Foreign-Language books? You can find these here

Dual-Language Titles:

Foreign Language Titles:

For further resources to aid language learning browse our CEFR collections or our Dictionaries resources.