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16+ Non Fiction Books of Month July 2017

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Mapp, Fiona

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Mapp, Fiona

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Harrison, Steve

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Everett, Vincent

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Nolan, Christopher

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Papper, Robert A. (Hofstra University, USA)

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Marvel Comics

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Bointon, Suzanne

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Smith, Roger

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Hoang, Paul

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Hawkins, Kevin

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Sharp, John

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Rawson, Andrew

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Benas, Nick

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Eade, Philip

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Tallis, Nicola

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Khalaf, Farida

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Grisham, John

9781784759414Add to Basket

Clarke, Rachel

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Hedges, Mark

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Smith, Ronald D. (Buffalo State College, USA)

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Ehrenberg, Ronald G. (Cornell University, USA)

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McKay, David

9781119167532Add to Basket

Tabachnick, Stephen (University of Memphis)

9781107519718Add to Basket

Merrick, Catherine

9780953526765Add to Basket

Stanlaw, James

9780813350608Add to Basket

Donnelly, Jack (University of Denver, USA)

9780813349480Add to Basket

Harrison, Ann

9780753548202Add to Basket

Rowling, J. K.

9780751565362Add to Basket

Basu, Shrabani

9780750982580Add to Basket

Harms, Gregory

9780745399263Add to Basket

Reardon, Jack

9780745334882Add to Basket

Rossiter, Mike

9780552162340Add to Basket

Parker, Herb (Associate Professor, the Division of Theatre and Dance,

9780415790970Add to Basket

Patten, Mildred L.

9780415790529Add to Basket

Aldersey-Williams, Hugh

9780393348842Add to Basket

Kristof, Nicholas D.

9780349009681Add to Basket

Skidmore-Roth, Linda

9780323531924Add to Basket

Jeske, Arthur H.

9780323481113Add to Basket

Fairchild, Sheryl L.

9780323445849Add to Basket

Khan, Yasmin

9780300230321Add to Basket

Holloway, Richard

9780300228816Add to Basket

Evans, Chris

9780297609858Add to Basket

Charman, Isobel

9780241975060Add to Basket

Cox, Brian

9780241953174Add to Basket

Begg, Paul

9780233005201Add to Basket

Steele, Jenny (Professor & Director of Research, Professor & Director

9780198768807Add to Basket

Boddice, Rob (Assistant Professor, Department of History and Cultural

9780198738565Add to Basket

Frid, Christopher L. J. (Professor of Marine Biology and head of Griff

9780198726296Add to Basket

Baker, David

9780198413189Add to Basket

Digby, Bob

9780198366485Add to Basket

Penn, Thomas

9780141986609Add to Basket

Walraven, Gail

9780134380995Add to Basket

Levine, Joshua

9780008227876Add to Basket

Henderson, Bruce

9780008180478Add to Basket

Amlin, Irina

9781471880971Add to Basket

Amlin, Irina

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Kaiserimam, Zara

9781471880797Add to Basket

Feu, John Du

9781471853029Add to Basket

Sparks, Ben

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