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Books of the Month - June - 16+ & Adult

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Dennison, Matthew

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Purseglove, Jeremy

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Comfort, Lisa

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Campbell, John

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Parker, Philip

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Miller, Sam

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Girling, Richard

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Cleese, John

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Osnos, Evan

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Stallworthy, Jon (Emeritus Professor of English, Emeritus Professor of

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Mezrich, Ben

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Pietersen, Kevin

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Jones, Bill

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Mallory, Thomas

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Hall, Alvin

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Fermor, Patrick Leigh

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Carey, Benedict

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Hamada, Jeff

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Steen, Rob

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Jobling, Paul (University of Brighton, UK)

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Rees, Sian

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Ascherson, Neal

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Dennis, Felix

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Krznaric, Roman

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Palaiologos, Yannis

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Phillips, Kathy

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Sinclair, Charlotte

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Strathern, Paul

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Rock, Michael

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Potter, Dennis

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Morgen, Brett

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Country Bumpkin Publications

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Country Bumpkin Publications

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Country Bumpkin Publications

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Country Bumpkin Publications

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Shore, Debbie

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Winstone, Ray

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Poulter, Ian

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Leslie, Ian

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Foster, Alan

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Brooks, Michael

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Clarke, Stephen

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Firstbrook, Peter

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Le Donne, Anthony

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Heern, Zackery M.

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Wilson, Anthony

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Keane, Roy

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Laver, Rod

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Liggett, Phil

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Stanley, Suzannah Hamlin

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Szymanski, Stefan

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Shorter, Wendy

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Burton, Anthony

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Karsh, Efraim

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Richards, General Sir David

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Lewis, Jon E.

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McCarthy, Paul X.

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Meredith, Martin

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Gillman, Peter

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Dorling, Danny

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