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16+ Non Fiction Books of the Month - May 2018

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Shipman, Tim

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Collins A-level

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Collins A-level

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Letts A-Level

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Letts A-Level

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Bowles, David

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Evans, Malcolm (Professor of Public International Law, Professor of Pu

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Denniston, Alastair K. O. (Consultant Ophthalmologist & Honorary Profe

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Endicott, Timothy (Fellow in Law, Balliol College, University of Oxfor

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MacKenzie, Judith-Anne (Barrister, formerly a member of the Government

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Emir, Astra (Barrister-at-law)

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The Secret Footballer

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Editorial, Kogan Page

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Philpot, Brad

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Beidel, Deborah C.

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Masterman, Roger

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Sangster, Alan

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Derbyshire, Victoria

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Millican, Sarah

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Knight, Phil

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Zephaniah, Benjamin

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Hart, Kevin

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Herbert, Ian

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Williamson, Anna

9781472937704Add to Basket

Cham, Jorge

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de Courcy, Anne

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Gau, Jacinta M.

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Marzano-Lesnevich, Alex

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Mardini, Yusra

9781509881673Add to Basket

Devon, Natasha

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Warne, Peter

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Humberstone, Paul

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Turk, Phil

9781510434837Add to Basket

Clarke, Stephen

9781780895512Add to Basket

Osborne, Paul

9781780898933Add to Basket

Webb, Jo

9781783303625Add to Basket

Burnett, Dean

9781783351299Add to Basket

Watson, Christie

9781784741976Add to Basket

Simpson, Marnie

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Ward, Geoffrey C.

9781785039072Add to Basket

Markham, Dorothy

9781785924996Add to Basket

Carter, Rita

9781786485793Add to Basket

Phillips, Charles

9781786485816Add to Basket

Webb, Robert

9781786890115Add to Basket

Heap, Brian

9781911067887Add to Basket

O'Shaugnessy, Sarah

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Natter, Tobias G.

9783836562904Add to Basket

Paget, Rhiannon

9783836563376Add to Basket

Sharpley, Richard (University of Central Lancashire, UK)

9781138629493Add to Basket

Blenkinsopp, Alison

9781119317968Add to Basket

Fails, Anna Dee, Ph.D, DVM

9781119239710Add to Basket

Kishtainy, Niall

9780300234527Add to Basket

Parker, Priya

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Gribbin, John

9780008220617Add to Basket

Kuper, Simon

9780008236649Add to Basket

Clark, Duncan

9780062413413Add to Basket

Wallace, Danny

9780091919092Add to Basket

Mendelssohn, Michele (Associate Professor of English, Associate Profes

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Dalrymple, William

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Barry, Dr Harry

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