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16+ Non Fiction Books of the Month November 2017

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Timmins, Nicholas

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Clay, Catrine

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Dennison, Matthew

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MacLachlan, Colin

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Webster, Philip

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Thomas, Richard F.

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Shipman, Tim

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Foster, Thomas C

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Windham, Ryder

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Sebag-Montefiore, Hugh

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Carr-Gregg, Michael

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Klenerman, Paul (Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford

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Jeffrey, Craig (Director of the Australia India Institute)

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Weber, Thomas (Professor of History and International Affairs, Univers

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Perry, Maria

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Lelic, Simon

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Dallek, Robert

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Mitford, Nancy

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Murad, Nadia

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Harford, Tim

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Grant, Mira

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Jones Terry

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Morton Frederic

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Turkle, Sherry

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Campbell, Stephen J.

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Gorman, Paul

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Hegarty, John

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Trubert-Tollu, Chantal

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Cope, Wendy

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Hall, Ron

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Tarbuck, Liza

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Fry, Stephen

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Reardon, Jack

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Field, Matthew

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Bridson-Daley, Gary

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Haffenden, Jo-Rosie

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Ryan, Kevin

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Marvel Comics

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Mascull, Bill

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Mascull, Bill

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Winterbottom, Mark

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Godwin, Janet

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Smith, Sally Bedell

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Gescher, Jeanne-Marie

9781408887233Add to Basket

Gill, Nikita

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Backderf, Derf

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Ishida, Sui

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Licence, Amy

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Collins Petersen, Carolyn

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O'Connor, Bernard

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Seward, Ingrid

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Miliband, David

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Mann, Dr. Sandi

9781472135988Add to Basket

Coats, Karen (Professor of English, Illinois State University, USA, Il

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Teitel, Amy Shira

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Drew, Liam

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Sanderson, Brandon

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