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Scenario Based MCQ in Dentistry

By: Alam, Mohammad Khursheed, Ph.D.(Edited by)

1536172987 / 9781536172980
Published 09/05/2020
United States
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Dentistry has constantly evolved over the years to keep abreast of the latest trends, techniques, and diagnostic procedures.

Dental Schools have undergone a number of changes in an effort to arrive upon the ideal format for testing clinical knowledge in examinations.

Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) have been the most common modality by which dental students were examined.

Although MCQs enable the testing of a broad range of topics, as well as being cost effective, they have largely been abandoned in favour of scenario-based questions (SBQs).

Traditional MCQs often abstract and measure only whether people recall facts in their short-term memory.

Converting these questions to scenario-based questions can increase the level of difficulty, measure higher level thought and providing relevant context.

The authors of Scenario Based MCQ in Dentistry have endeavoured to keep these facts in mind and provide a significant number of high-quality SBQs that comprehensively examine the dental curriculum.

Most of the questions are scenario based. Each question not only provides an opportunity to apply clinical knowledge and correctly identify the single best answer to a question, but also to learn why the other answers are wrong, greatly increasing the clinical acumen and learning opportunity of the reader.

Selection tests and competitive exams are hurdles that a candidate seeks to clear with ease.

It all depends on meticulous preparation and the quality of resource materials available to the student.

Considering the quantity of subject matter that needs to be covered, it becomes a herculean task unless the candidate chooses the right training tool.

Reference texts are often too advanced and undergraduate texts are insufficiently updated or lacking in depth and detail.

In this context, a lack of good revision aids can be frustrating.

This book has been compiled with the selection tests in mind as a tool for rapid revision and analytical learning.

It is useful for doctors, dental students, graduates, dental nurses, technicians, as well as specialists seeking professional excellence, or for those studying for the various licensing exams conducted by SCFHS, Saudi Board, HAAD, OMSB, SCHQ, DHCC, DHA, and MOH.

This book aims to provide dental students with a useful source for exam preparation, as well as for supplementing the readers' knowledge so that they feel fully prepared for the various postgraduate entrance examinations.


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