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Principles and applications of geochemistry (2nd ed)

By: Faure, Gunter

0023364505 / 9780023364501
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Designed to show students how to use chemical principles in solving geological problems, this text emphasizes a quantitative approach to problem solving and demonstrates how chemical principles control geologic processes in atomic and large-scale environments.

NEW - Features a new chapter on the chemistry of the atmosphere. - Presents the basic facts about the structure and chemical composition of the atmosphere. - Explains the formation of ozone in the stratosphere and its destruction by anthropogenic emissions of Cl-bearing gases, especially over Antarctica. - Considers the radiation balance of the Earth and the perturbation of this balance by emissions of gases that enhance the absorption of infrared radiation in the atmosphere. - Offers a long-range forecast of the effects of global warming on a time scale of 104 years based on the work of W.S.

Broecker. NEW - Adds a chapter that summarizes the geochemistry of Pb in the environment and its effect on human health.

Starts with basic principles and emphasizes quantitative methods of problem-solving.

Uses the principles of isotope geology to enhance the understanding of appropriate geochemical subject areas.Examines the geochemical processes that affect the chemical composition of surface water and that determine its quality for human consumption.

Considers the consequences of chemical weathering of sulfide minerals, including supergene enrichment, geochemical exploration, and the availability of natural resources.

Presents a systematic summary of cosmology, stellar evolution, nucleosynthesis, and the origin of the solar system including twelve photographs of some of the planets and their satellites.

Features diagrams with lengthy captions - effective for both browsing and quick reference review.

Contains more reference data than other similar texts - offering the latest information available on the Earth and other terrestrial planets. - Provides a book-end compilation of thermodynamic data for a large number of elements and their compounds. - Most chapters contain data tables and diagrams that provide a useful source of chemical data.

Provides chapter-end problems. Lists resources for advanced study.


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