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The Question of God : An Introduction and Sourcebook

By: Palmer, Michael

0415223873 / 9780415223874
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This important textbook introduces the six great arguments for the existence of God, as found in a wealth of primary sources from classic and contemporary texts.

It requires no specialist knowledge of philosophy, and is ideally suited to students and teachers at school or university level.

Sections include:* The Ontological Argument (Anselm, Haight, Descartes, Kant, Findlay, Malcolm, Hick)* The Cosmological Argument (Aquinas, Taylor, Hume, Kant)* The Argument from Design (Paley, Hume, Darwin, Dawkins, Ward)* The Argument from Miracles (Hume, Hambourger, Coleman, Flew, Swinburne, Diamond)* The Moral Argument (Plato, Lewis, Kant, Rachels, Martin, Nielsen)* The Pragmatic Argument (Pascal, Gracely, Stich, Penelhum, James, Moore). Additional features include: * revision questions * key reading for each chapter and an extensive bibliography * illustrated biographies of key thinkers and their works * marginal notes and summaries of arguments.


HPJ Philosophy: metaphysics & ontology, HRAB1 Nature & existence of God

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