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0198804628 / 9780198804628
Published 27/05/2020
United Kingdom
219 x 276 mm 992 pages
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The Oxford Guide to the Transeurasian Languages provides a comprehensive account of the Transeurasian languages, and is the first major reference work in the field since 1965.

The term 'Transeurasian' refers to a large group of geographically adjacent languages that includes five uncontroversial linguistic families: Japonic, Koreanic, Tungusic, Mongolic, and Turkic.

The historical connection between these languages, however, constitutes one of the mostdebated issues in historical comparative linguistics.

In the present book, a team of leading international scholars in the field take a balanced approach to this controversy, integrating different theoretical frameworks, combining both functional and formal linguistics, and showing that genealogical and arealapproaches are in fact compatible with one another.

The volume is divided into five parts. Part I deals with the historical sources and periodization of the Transeurasian languages and their classification and typology.

In Part II, chapters provide individual structural overviews of the Transeurasian languages and the linguistic subgroups that they belong to, while Part III explores Transeurasian phonology, morphology, syntax, lexis, and semantics from a comparative perspective.

Part IV offers a range of areal and genealogical explanations forthe correlations observed in the preceding parts.

Finally, Part V combines archaeological, genetic, and anthropological perspectives on the identity of speakers of Transeurasian languages.

The Oxford Guide to the Transeurasian Languages will be an indispensable resource for specialists in Japonic,Koreanic, Tungusic, Mongolic, and Turkic languages and for anyone with an interest in Transeurasian and comparative linguistics more broadly.


1F Asia, CFF Historical & comparative linguistics, CFG Semantics, discourse analysis, etc, CFH Phonetics, phonology, CFK Grammar, syntax & morphology, JHMC Social & cultural anthropology, ethnography

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