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The lazy teacher's handbook : how your studens learn more when you each less

Smith, JimGilbert, Ian(Edited by)
Part of the The independent thinking series series
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Ever wondered what would happen if you stopped teaching in your lessons?

You might be surprised. If you want your students to learn more and you to work less, then this book provides you with all the arguments and evidence you need to become a lazy, but outstanding teacher.

Gathered over 10 years in the classroom, this handbook of tried-and-tested techniques shifts the emphasis away from the teaching and onto the learning. And makes your life so much easier in the process. Fed up missing out on those sunny Sundays? Maybe your marking could be done by the local community instead?

Sick of planning lesson? Get the students to plan them for you. (After all, personalised learning can't involve 30 lesson plans!).

This powerful little book is packed full of easy-to-apply and highly effective strategies (which Ofsted have rated as 'outstanding' ).

What's more, they all have the seal of approval of real students in real classrooms.

In fact, may of them have been thought up by the students themselves.

But that's why Jim Smith is called the Lazy Teacher.

So, next time someone says to you to get a life, this book will make it possible. A new edition of The Lazy Teacher's Handbook ISBN 9781781352687 is due out on the 31st March 2017.

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Reprint. Originally published: 2010.